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Are you happy these years? Do you remember when you last laughed out loud with friends?

We are always told that running is good for your mood and can reduce anxiety level, blah blah blah… However, the fact is that most people are still running with their mask on, afraid of catching COVID-19. Running on streets in groups might be penalised. God knows when the next physical race will be…. The fact is that, nowadays, we doubt if running can still make us happy? 

What does “running” mean to you? Serious training programs with tempos and intervals? No more coke and crisps? A weekly target of 100km or more?

We are simple. We just want to run with joy, run for fun and have a good laugh afterwards.

Kolor x Why Not Run?! "Drink, Run, Eat, Drunk"

Run and get free drinks/ snack or purchase discount at Café Ohm. The more you run (in terms of the accumulated km per week), the more you will be awarded. You may also get a chance to join our weekly “Happy Friday Run”. Meet and run with our fellow runners. Most importantly, we will gather together at Ohm, to drink and eat after the Run.

To most of us, our good old days seem so far away. What left are only countless sleepless nights and disappointments. But life must go on. We must make the most of it while we still can.

Why not put aside your worries for now and enjoy the moment?
Come join us and have some fun! Let’s Drink Run Eat and Drunk!

Event Date

From 12 September (Monday) to 9 October 2022 (Sunday)  

(The event consists of 4 Cycles. Each Cycle starts from 00:00am on Mondays and ends at 11:59pm on Sundays)

Cycle 1: 12 September from 0:00 am to 18 September by 11:59 pm 

Cycle 2: 19 September from 0:00 am to 25 September by 11:59 pm

Cycle 3: 26 September from 0:00 am to 2 October by 11:59 pm

Cycle 4: 3 October from 0:00 am to 9 October by 11:59 pm

How It Works

Participants are required to reach the designated (accumulated) distances for free food/beverage or purchase discount at Café Ohm. Records of road running, hiking or trail running records are accepted but records of treadmill running are not.

Registration Fee: HK$380 (per person)
​Register for a Strava Account

Participants shall register for a Strava account (free version) and record the activities on the Strava mobile app before signing up for the Event. Participants are also required to set the activity “Privacy” to “Everyone” in “Settings”, for record verification purpose, and join the Strava Club “Dink Run Eat Drunk” by following the instructions written in the confirmation email. Only the participants who have completed all the steps shall be entitled for Event offers and prizes.

Free Food/ Beverages or Purchase Discount

Each participant shall redeem only one of the offers once in a Cycle.

(You may either dine-in or takeaway. If you choose to dine in, please call 9665 5259 to make a reservation first )

  1. Novice Level – achieving an accumulated distance of 25km in the Cycle, one free can/ cup of (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverage will be offered

  2. Ordinary Level - achieving an accumulated distance of 35km in the Cycle, two free cans/cups of (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverage will be offered

  3. Elite Level - achieving an accumulated distance of 85km in the Cycle, three free cans/cups of (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverage and one free (specific) snack will be offered

  4. God Level - achieving an accumulated distance of > 85km in the Cycle, three free cans/cups of free (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverage as well as a 20% off for a single purchase at Café Ohm


Participants are required to reach the designated (accumulated) distance within the Cycle and redeem the offer at Café Ohm in person by showing the relevant Strava records (single or multiple records) as well as the event wristband (the one in the Runners' Pack) to the staff of Café Ohm, within the redemption period (i.e., within the next Cycle. In case the mileages are accumulated in Cycle 1, you must redeem the offer within Cycle 2).



Carton of drinks and snacks for you

Participant achieving the most accumulated distance in the Cycle will be entitled a carton of (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverage and snacks (delivery fee waived). The result will be announced in the next Cycle on the Event social media.

"Happy Friday Run"  & Runners' Dinner Gathering
  1. The top 3 participants achieving the most accumulated distance in the Cycle and 10 randomly selected participants will be invited to attend the "Happy Friday Run" held next Friday and the Runners' Dinner Gathering at Café Ohm afterwards.

  2. Each invitee may bring a friend of his/her to attend.

  3. Each invitee is entitled a free can/cup of (specific) beer/non-alcoholic beverages at the Runners' Dinner Gathering. He/she pays for his/her own food or additional beverages. Friend who comes along with the invitee is required to purchase the food and beverages at his/her own expense.

Other Prizes
  1. Each invitee of the "Happy Friday Run" will also be awarded a 「頑張」 beer glass.

  2. The top 5 participants with the most accumulated distance in the Cycle will be awarded a Kolor’s autographed CD each.

  3. Upon completion of the event, the first 5 participants with the longest accumulated distance will also be awarded a pair of SoleStar insole each.


"頑張" Beer Glass


Solestar Insole


All participants will receive a Runner's Pack with the following items included:


Event Running Vest


Event Wristband

Participants are required to wear the wristband at all times during the Event period and present it to the  staff of Café Ohm for redemption


Namedsport Power Gel 

Runner's Pack Pick-up

5-8 Sep (Mon- Thurs)  

9 Sep (Fri)                         

10 Sep (Sat)                   

13-14 Sep (Tue-Wed)

|    11am - 6:30pm

|    11am - 8pm

|    11am - 3pm

|    11am - 6:30pm



Room 25, 8/F, Metro Centre Phase I, 32 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay




Venue Sponsor



Beer Sponsor

Prize Sponsor

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