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One cannot deny that running is quite a boring sport. From 10k, marathon to ultramarathon, it is all about the same repetitive movements. Running can also be tough in Hong Kong, with her notorious super-hot and humid weather throughout the year. Even if you can stand the weather, there are still tons of excuses not to run. My schedule is packed… I am knacked after work... You name it! You will just never succeed in persuading a person to run!

There are two groups of people who run. Those who do it for health or relieving pressure. Or those who are a bit insane and always loaded up with energy, but if you ask them, what is it so fun to run, you may not get an answer. Because it is no fun at all……  Everyone knows running is good for your healthy. Well… Yeah, it is, but it is also very BORING too...

We don’t like boring things either. That’s why we are eager to find ways to make boring thing, aka running, fun.

We don’t ask for speed, strength or whatsoever.

We are not calling you for a run, but just for fun!

Why so serious? WHY NOT RUN?!

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★飲跑食醉暨Why Not 100頒獎Party★

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